eLCC meeting and Cheyenne Frontier Days

Message about eLCC members and Cheyenne Frontier Days:

From Brandon:

Just wanted to share a little bit of information after hearing of the concerns expressed by folks who might like to come up and enjoy some of Cheyenne Frontier Days but are worried about accommodations and such. There is a site out there that provides relatively current information on available lodging during CFD which might be helpful if anybody was worried about that.


I also wanted to share that if people have questions, they are more than welcome to ask me about places to stay, things to do, etc… if they’d like to come up but are a bit wary. We have a couple of Wyoming natives on our team who would steer folks in the right direction. I would encourage anybody who needs a place to stay to try and book ASAP, as Cheyenne doubles in population during CFD and hotels will be full long before we get through July.

We’re already talking about our plans here at LCCC, so any guidance you may be able to offer is very welcome. I will be out of town (but still checking email) the two weeks prior to our meeting, so I’m hoping to get planning moving ahead on our end as quickly as possible.

Feel free to share the link and my contact info with eLCC folks and hopefully we can get a good contingent to come up this way!



Brandon Poulliot
Technical Support Specialist
Center for Excellence in Teaching

307-778-1143 | bpoulliot@lccc.wy.edu